@ Minnesota State University, Mankato

Winona Chi Alpha’s Girls’ Event

This Friday, November 4, is this semester’s girls’ event put on by the Women’s Ministry team of Winona State University’s Chi Alpha.

It is not too late to go to this. We have one van leaving Friday evening, and there is always room for one more!

Watch the video above (courtesy of the Winona Chi Alpha Women’s Ministry team). The theme this year is “Satisfied Over Searching.” What are you searching for? Where are you searching for it? Have you ever felt like you never added up to enough? Come see how many women, like these in the video, search for love, acceptance, and self-worth in others’ opinions, in physical appearance, in relationships, and more. On Friday, we will learn how these women realized they weren’t satisfied in how they were searching or even what they were searching for. Come find out how they found everything in one place: the foot of the cross.

As always on the list of activities, there is women’s small group on Wednesdays, Men’s small group on Mondays, and large group on Thursdays. For more information on who’s going to the girls’ event in Winona, when the car load is leaving, and how to climb aboard that train, be sure to come Thursday night. See you there!


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